Thinking of making the move to a seniors community? Choosing the perfect place to retire can be a daunting task. You want to move somewhere that will help you enjoy your retirement, that will keep you close to loved ones, that has amenities to help you age comfortably, and – perhaps most importantly – that feels like home. If you or your loved one is looking for the perfect place to spend their retirement years in Medicine Hat, here’s five things to look out for when touring and choosing the perfect retirement community. 

Location of the Seniors Community

Making the move to a seniors community is already a big step. When it comes to choosing which seniors community to live in, finding somewhere close to loved ones or in a familiar community can make a big difference in giving the new space a feeling of home. In addition, proximity to family members means that regular visits, or prompt arrival in potential emergencies are possible – both things that are important for your loved one’s health and well-being. 

Seniors Amenities Available in the Community

It’s important to visit a retirement community before making the decision to move there. Each senior community will have different things to offer their aging residents, for instance at The Wellington, we offer a hair salon, exercise room, library, and hair salon on site! A tour can help you get the sense of what is available for your aging loved one, as well as the culture of their community. If you’re loved one can see amenities that they would definitely make good use of, then that retirement community may be a good place to consider!

Food, Dining and Socialization Opportunities

Food and friendship are important parts of everyone’s life. When looking for a seniors home, look at how many meals are included with rent, discuss the choices of entreés and dining hours. Check to see if there are dining spaces available in case you want to stop by to visit your loved one at their new home and make sure that dietary restrictions can be accommodated. You may even want to join in on a meal during your tour! This can be a great way to meet current residents and start making some social connections before even moving.

The Relationships 

Relationships between staff, caretakers, and residents play an important role in making a retirement community feel like home. Before making the move to a seniors community, check in with the residents and see how they feel about the staff. The staff in the community are the ones who will be providing care, love and support to you or your loved one – so finding a place with reputable 24/7 staffing is a must. 

The Levels of Senior Care Offered 

This may be the most important question to ask before choosing which retirement residence is right for you and your loved one: do we need independent living or assisted living? Even if independent care is needed now, will assisted living be needed in the future? Some retirement residences offer multiple levels of senior care so they can adapt to their residents’ changing needs, while others only offer one. 

Make sure you know what kind of care you need or would like available to you before choosing a seniors home. Some communities are even able to offer nursing, memory, or dementia care along with their services. Knowing that you and your loved one are well looked after can be a big relief and will make a world of difference when it comes to healthy, happy aging.

Where you choose to live matters. You want a seniors community that will be a good fit throughout retirement. If you’re looking to find the right seniors community in Medicine Hat, for you or a loved one, book a tour at The Wellington Retirement Residence today! Contact The Wellington Retirement Residence today to learn more. We look forward to getting to know you!

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