Most people prefer owning their home in early adulthood when they can benefit from earning equity from their investment. But, seniors often find that renting in a retirement community makes more sense as they experience the changes that accompany aging. Taking a look at these four perks that you’ll enjoy from renting at the Wellington helps you see how this lifestyle can be exactly what you need.

Enjoy Greater Financial Flexibility

Even once you own your home, you might find that it is a major source of financial stress. Dealing with unexpected repairs or utility costs for an oversized house can drain your bank account. Renting a retirement residence means that someone else will worry about putting on a new roof or paying rising electric bills.

Live a Worry-Free Lifestyle With Low Maintenance and Repairs

Maintaining a home can often turn into a full-time job. If you’re the type that prefers not to risk getting hurt trying to change a lightbulb or fixing a plumbing leak, then a senior living community is perfect for you. At the Wellington, a professional team manages major maintenance and repair tasks, which gives you a safe and comfortable place to live.

Open Up More Time for Fun With Reduced Responsibilities

Mowing the lawn, cooking balanced meals and other common household tasks can also cut into your time to enjoy recreational activities. Our team at the Wellington makes life easier by handling all of the essential tasks to free up your time to enjoy a visit to the library or a walk through the garden.

Explore Flexible Living Options With Greater Mobility

Every senior is different, which is why the Wellington offers many different floor plans for you to choose from. Active seniors often prefer a smaller studio apartment that allows them to have a comfortable place to rest after a busy day attending social events or exploring the town. Or, you might opt for a larger space that includes a kitchenette where you can entertain your friends. Either way, knowing that you can opt to move to a place that fits your changing needs and enjoy transportation to local venues and events makes your senior years better.

Downsizing from your current home can help you eliminate many of the stressors that can reduce your happiness as a senior. When you’re ready to reduce your financial stress, increase your mobility and open up more free time for fun, then reach out for a tour. You’ll love being able to choose a suite that allows for greater independence while filling up your social calendar with fun events that turn every day into an adventure.