If you have recently just moved into an independent or assisted living facility in Medicine Hat, you may be going through various emotions as you adjust to their new home. During this new transition, it’s important to remember to stay positive as it will ultimately benefit you in the long run. As many studies show that optimism tends to translate into better mental and physical health, seniors should try and stay positive throughout their stay at The Wellington.

Here are 5 ways a positive outlook leads to healthy aging for seniors at independent or assisted living facilities in Medicine Hat:

Reduces stress and anxiety

As seniors age, they may become more anxious over new surroundings and new changes in their lifestyle. By embracing change and maintaining a positive attitude, they can help manage stress levels and reduce anxiety. 

Eases chronic pain

Chronic pain is sometimes unavoidable as you age, as many older adults are diagnosed with it throughout their latter years. If you choose to focus on the positive aspects of life and your current situation, it will shift the focus from your chronic pain. 

Protects your heart

Positive traits like optimism and cheerfulness reduce the chances of a heart attack. Those with a positive mindset lower risks of developing heart disease and age more healthier due to no underlying risks associated with their heart. It’s important for seniors to maintain their blood pressure by staying positive and reducing stress in order to protect their heart. 

Lifts mood and lowers risks of depression

With mental health struggles being more prevalent in seniors, practicing positive self-talk can help lift your mood and lower risks of depression. Although it takes more effort to make the best out of some given situations, it will help you stay positive in your Medicine Hat independent or assisted living community

Improves sleep

Some seniors may have difficulty sleeping due to worrying about how they will adjust to their new lifestyle at The Wellington but that will only make them anxious and restless, especially during the nights when they should be sleeping. Good sleep quality is sometimes hard to maintain so it’s important for you to leave your worries aside and think positive thoughts in order to fall asleep quicker and get a good night’s sleep with no insomnia. 

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