As we approach the Fall, you might be finding it to be a bit more difficult to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Whether that is because it seems the days are beginning to get shorter, or it’s slowly beginning to feel colder outside, the lack of motivation to exercise will only increase as we head into the colder months. As a senior, it is important to continue exercising as a way to stay active and maintain your overall physical health. Besides helping you maintain your independence, there are many benefits seniors can acquire with increasing or maintaining their exercise routine.

Here are 5 benefits of exercise for seniors at a Medicine Hat independent or assisted living community:

Decreased Risk of Falls

One of the downsides of aging tends to be the increased risk of falls due to the lack of balance and muscle in your body. Through exercise, you can improve your strength and flexibility, along with your balance and coordination so you can avoid falls. Since seniors take a much longer time to recover from falls, avoiding them as best as you can is important.

Improved Mental Health

There are numerous mental health benefits to keeping a regular exercise routine as a senior living at a Medicine Hat independent or assisted living community. When you exercise, your body produces endorphins which is known to be the “feel good” hormone that acts as a stress reliever and leaves you feeling happy and satisfied. Along with improving your mental health, studies also show that exercise has been linked to improving sleep.

Preventing Disease

By maintaining a regular exercise regime, your physical health will thank you in the long run. You can help prevent diseases such as heart disease and diabetes, which are more common amongst seniors. As you grow older, you’ll want to keep that immune system strong. To support good immunity, you can do something as light as walking to ensure you are still exercising.

Increase in Social Engagement

Regardless of what physical activity or exercise you choose to perform, it can almost always be done with one or more individuals. Exercise doesn’t have to be a lonely or boring task that you should feel like you have to do, so try and make it fun with good company. You can try different recreational activities organized at the Medicine Hat independent or assisted living community, or even join a gardening club or walking group. The key to this is to exercise in a way that is enjoyable for you.

Better Cognitive Function

With regular physical activity you can fine-tune your motor skills which will ultimately better your cognitive function. A benefit to strong cognitive function for seniors is a lower risk of dementia as the physical activity improves the brain function, even if it’s a lighter exercise that you maintain with a routine.

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