Are you thinking of adopting a new pet to keep you company while you live at the Medicine Hat retirement community? Maybe you owned a pet either by yourself or with your family before moving to The Wellington and miss having one around, or you simply just feel that now is the perfect time for you to get one. As you age, it’s important to consider the many benefits to owning a pet. Since pets are permitted at The Wellington, learn why having a small companion is worth it. 

Here are 4 benefits of owning a pet at a retirement community in Medicine Hat:

A new companion

If you feel like your suite is getting a bit lonely and you would like someone who you can talk to and play with, owning a pet might be the best decision for you. With a pet, you can guarantee that your mind will now be more occupied than before as you have someone else to take care of.

Increase in physical activity

Having a pet is also a great way to stay active while you spend your time living at a Medicine Hat retirement community. If you end up getting a dog, you will have to take them out for walks regularly, which ultimately increases your mobility. The increase in physical activity will reduce your risk of heart disease and lower your blood pressure. 

Sense of security

By having a pet living with you 24/7, you will automatically feel more of a sense of security within your own suite at The Wellington. If there is ever an emergency, your pet will most likely spring into action first and alert you. They can also alert other residents or staff if an emergency occurs within the suite. 

Better mental health

Mental health is such an important topic to discuss as it affects us every single day. If you are ever feeling low and need a friend to pick you up, you can always rely on your pet. Besides keeping you company, they create a sense of purpose and motivation for the owner, and they become more sociable with other people as well. Having a pet is usually a great conversation starter and will make you feel connected to others as they ask you questions or talk about their own experiences with their pets. 

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