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Health Care Careers at The Wellington Retirement Residence

The Wellington is a vibrant community that feels like family, primarily because of our highly professional and caring employees. Care at The Wellington is provided through Connecting Care, a highly professional company which operates residences throughout Alberta.

To provide the multi-faceted services for the Wellington complex, Connecting Care employs people with experience in facility management, recreation, nursing, personal care, cleaning and culinary arts. The complex is staffed around the clock, allowing for flexible working hours.

Wages vary, however all employees receive health benefits and premiums are paid for evening and midnight shifts.

The complex has frequent openings for casual or on-call personal care attendants, who are able to assist seniors with the activities of daily life. There are also occasional openings on the food services, nursing services, and residential services teams.

For more information on working at The Wellington, click here to email The Wellington.


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